10 Incredibly On-Point Undercut Designs (PHOTOS)

undercut designShaving your head -- or at least part of it -- is an art form when you add undercut designs. This gorgeous geometric 3D look by undercut specialist Kristopher Stubbs in Atlanta is proof of one of the many imaginative styles that can be created. Here are even more.


If you are looking for something a little more simple yet still majorly stylish, check out these triangle patterns.

This one is called the "glacier" -- and it's so cool.

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This bold front style undercut is beautiful, especially with those colors.

You could go for something more intricate if not slightly mysterious. 

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I love mandalas, and this undercut has that design. So well done.

Undercut design ���

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Diamonds forever.


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An undercut design can be featured on the sides as well.

Lotus flower undercut -- it's like getting a tattoo without the long-term commitment.

Superiorly subtle. Seriously pretty.

Suttle little undercut today #shorthair #hairdid #undercuts

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An undercut with a design feels so modern and chic -- and once you're hooked on the look, you can try different designs with each grow out. Anything goes.



Image via kris_stubbs_style/Instagram

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