25 of the Most Beautiful Irish Tattoos We've Ever Seen

Michele Zipp | Feb 27, 2018 Beauty & Style
25 of the Most Beautiful Irish Tattoos We've Ever Seen


Artistry isn't lost on Irish tattoos. Not in the least bit. Irish tattoos pack a one-two punch when it comes to creativity. Not only are the designs typically intricate and ornate, but they also tend to have a centuries-old history that can make them desirable choices for ink. For some people, Irish tattoos are a mark of their heritage. For others, these designs simply hold powerful meanings. Whatever the reason is, no one can go wrong with an Irish-inspired piece of ink.

Irish tattoos go way beyond a simple four-leaf clover (although those can be pretty too!); they are beautiful expressions of art with Celtic stylings -- some with fine details, others with bold colors, and all completely stunning. From entangled and intertwined Celtic knots to spiraled triskelions, we have to admit that we are totally and shamelessly enamored with Irish-inspired tattoos. 

And don't think for a minute that just because someone decides to get a well-versed ancient symbol means that the tattoo isn't going to be original. We've seen some seriously beautiful Irish tattoos that have been uniquely adapted just for the owner's style. 

For some serious Irish ink inspiration, check out these 25 Irish-themed tattoos. 

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