Galaxy Nail Inspiration to Fulfill Your Stargazing Soul (PHOTOS)

galaxy nailsTake me to outer space. I want to be a Starwoman and float among the planets within the peace of the Milky Way. Or I can just get galaxy nails and spend time counting the stars at my fingertips. Galaxy nails are stratospherically amazing.


There are many ways to achieve this outer-worldly look. You can buy a polish like Ciate London's Nail Polish and Effects ($8, in Star Struck, Moonstruck, or Star Gazer and use an opaque white to create stars on top. Of course, you can head to the nail salon, too. Get creative and further inspired by these looks.

Add more celestials. The flecks of the lighter colors are insane.

Birthday nails checked for Ashley Ng! Happy Birthday Ashley� #beeqnailsashleyng

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Or constellations.

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Or go a little more heavy on the blue. It's like we're being drawn into the Milky Way. Gorgeous.

Add some magenta. We feel so extraterrestrial. 

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Pastels lend to a more enlightenment feeling or like looking at auras. Chakras are suddenly aligned. We feel like we are floating in space.

Pastel galaxy nails ð���ð�¦ï¿½ so easy and cute <3!

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Or you can go matte black like nail artist Gina Edwards for KISS Products Inc. did for the Lulu Frost Fall/Winter 2016 Frequency Collection. She was inspired by outer space and added crystals and pearls for a more galactic representation.

Suddenly we feel so metaphysical.

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