It's a Snap: This Simple Cleaning Trick Can Rescue Dirty Suede

What's more tragic than watching your new suede booties get slowly grimed up by our dirty, dirty world? Not much, let me tell you. And though suede is notoriously tricky to clean, there might be an easy solution we've been missing all along.


There are a couple of schools of thought on this. The first is that a traditional pencil eraser is the way to go -- just scrub at your suede and erase your mistakes away.

The second is that the secret is a stale crust of bread. Really. Something about the spongey nature of bread allows it to soak up caked-in dirt and oil and make your suede shine like new.

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The third school thinks you need to use both, one after the other. The fourth thinks everyone else is crazy for scrubbing at their shoes with bread.

Of course, you could always try the slew of store-bought solutions, but it's always frustrating to spend money on those when you don't know how well they'll end up working.

If you rub hard enough, erasers and bread should take stains off any kind of suede -- so couches, purses, and shoes are all fair game. Like magic, right?


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