Everything You Need to Contour, Conceal & Highlight ... Your Body (PHOTOS)

Kelly Bryant | Feb 24, 2016 Beauty & Style

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Recently we were alerted to the trend in which women are actually contouring the backs of their necks (reportedly to make the area look longer and more "graceful"). While that's a step we probably won't be adding to our daily beauty routine (or ever), it's certainly handy to have some products at the ready to smooth, contour, conceal, or highlight certain areas of the body.

Take, for example, Laura Geller's Baked Body Frosting Moisturizing Powder, which is perfect for adding sun-kissed color to your décolletage in a nanosecond. Sure, that's probably not something you're going to do every day, but in a pinch, it's a glow you'll love if you're headed to a wedding or even on date night.

So the next time you're looking for a shortcut to enhanced cleavage, rockin' legs, or, hey, even a contoured neck, try one of these products on for size.


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