15 Beauty & Style Tutorials That You Want but Don't Exist (GIFS)

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Let's be honest: If you can imagine it, you can probably find a video of it on the Internet. A makeup tutorial that'll turn you into all the Kardashian-Jenner women? Check! Deceased grandparents appearing in a sonogram? You betcha! But what about the beauty tips you need most?


We want to believe that somewhere out there, hot mess is the new black -- so we've compiled a list of the beauty how-to video tutorials we wish existed! (Don't even bother searching; we've already tried!)

1. How to Look Like You've Slept in the Past 24 Hours

2. How to Turn a Maternity Dress into a Super-Chic Swim Cover-Up

3. How to Wear Spit-Up Like an Awesome Accessory

4. How to Make This Giant Ass Disappear

5. How to Rock Your Daughter's Barrettes

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6. How to Make Stretch Marks Cool

7. How to Stop That Unsightly Chin Hair From Growing Back

8. How to Wear Yoga Pants With Heels (and Everything, Really)

9. How to Wear Spanx Without Doing Intestinal Damage

10. How to Reverse 1,045 Teenage Sunburns in 3 Minutes

11. How to Turn Baby Food/Yogurt in Your Hair into the Best Styling Product Ever

12. How to Make Chipped Polish Look Like the Next Hot Nail Trend

13. How to Use Silly Putty as Filler

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14. How to Highlight Your Hair Using Markers

15. How to Wear Sneakers With Everything and Not Look Like Jerry Seinfeld




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