Say Hello (and It's About Time!) to Beauty Hacks for Women of Color (VIDEOS)

In a world where beauty vloggers feel like a dime a dozen, a trio of women who have dubbed themselves The Pastels are bringing a diverse approach to makeup tutorials.


Consisting of friends Clara Siry, Anabelle Acquah, and Chanel B., the Australia-based beauty vloggers are educating all of us on how to circumvent the often limited skin-tone shades of cosmetics to achieve beauty results in spite of what the cosmetics industry is lacking.

Each with a distinctive look and heritage (Clara has Timorese heritage, Anabelle has Ghanaian, and Chanel has Filipino), the women provide beauty hacks helpful to women of color that they may not easily find elsewhere. And they do it with humor and style.

For example, if you're dying to jump on the nude lip trend, The Pastels will teach you how to find the right shade for your skin tone (because, needless to say, "nude" means a different hue for everyone).

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And love the overhyped technique or not, all three women also address contouring (which they tackle with the strobing method).

The Pastels will also teach you a ton about color cosmetics, with very specifically themed tutorials, like this fun 1940s femme fatale–inspired video.

Beyond their how-to videos, we love the clips focused on "Regrets and Empties," during which each of the women tells their loyal following which products they love so much that they emptied it this week and which ones you should avoid entirely (they hold nothing back).

So no matter your skin tone or size, The Pastels have a little beauty advice for everyone.


Image via ThePastelsOfficial/Instagram

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