15 Smoke-Free Ways Women Can Harness the Wonders of Weed

It might be optimistic to say that the legalization of weed is "sweeping" the nation (maybe "slowing crawling across" would be better?), but as more and more innovative minds get their hands on marijuana and cannabis oil, more and more pot-based products are hitting the markets and claiming to solve our basic feminine needs (including but not limited to: period cramps and thinning eye lashes).

Foria has been making news recently for its "pleasure" oil made with cannabis, but it's not the first to put marijuana or hemp in its products. In terms of legality, it comes down to the part of the cannabis plant used (hemp is legal everywhere in the US; marijuana is not) and the percentage of the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that the cannabis has.

What that means is that right now, you can find hemp oil hiding in products all over the place, but the ones made from marijuana are only available in states where weed is legal. So even though you might not be able to purchase allllll this stuff, isn't it comforting to know that somewhere out there, women have a totally legal and totally safe pot-based version of Viagra? That's fantastic. We're so happy for them. 

We rounded up the best and wackiest products with either hemp or marijuana -- we'll let you choose which is best for you.


Images via Martial Red / Shutterstock; hempmedspx.commalinandgoetz.comforiapleasure.comthebodyshop-usa.com


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