Handmade Beauty Gifts...Well, Almost Handmade

Say you have no time to shop anymore -- the stores are just too annoying right now anyway -- but you still have a lady on your list and you just don't know what to get her. Maybe she's your friend, your neighbor who always feeds your cats while you're away, the babysitter...and you want to get her something special, but you've got under $10 to spare and the clock is ticking.

I've got some great ideas and they aren't difficult to make!


These ideas are from Almost Handmade Gifts -- DIY crafting ideas from Beth and Jenna, two moms who know how to make things easy and fun to do with your kids, plus the gifts won't break the bank. I made two of them last night...well almost two....

Cu-Tea Hands gift:

Find an old teacup and saucer or go to the thrift store and buy one for cheap. Note: Beth and Jenna bought a set of 4 for 50 cents! In the teacup, place an emery board, nail polish, topcoat, a yummy scented hand cream, and a bag of tea. You can get all these from a drugstore...you can find some items in the travel or 99 cent bin. The receiver can enjoy tea while she "beautifies" her hands. Wrap in clear plastic and tie with a ribbon. How cute is that!?

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice Body Scrub: 

I didn't actually make the scrub last night as not to waste product, but I put some pom poms in a mason jar and wrapped it so you can see how cute it looks. To make: Fill a mason jar with the following recipe for a sweet smelling scrub.

  • 2 parts brown sugar
  • 1 part light olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon organic vanilla abstract
  • ½ teaspoon of essential oil in lavender or orange

Mix ingredients in a bowl until the sugar is well saturated and then pour into a jar.  Place a cute piece of fabric on the top, tie with a ribbon and there you go! It's a delicious body scrub that's good enough to eat!

Great ideas, right?

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