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16 Pretty Back of the Neck Tattoos That Have Us Obsessed (PHOTOS)

The back of the neck is the perfect canvas for creative tattoos: It can host big or small designs, and it's just as easy to make your tat the focal point of your look as it is to hide it away under a curtain of hair. But you know this. Sometimes the real question is not where, but which design to choose.

If you're feeling stuck, feast on these 16 photos of perfect nape tattoos for inspiration. We love them all -- don't make us choose a fave!


Images via tattoofilter.com

Image via xkristenmae/Instagram

1Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents protection, royal power, and good health. This tiny design packs such a punch -- we love it!

Image via leehumphs/Instagram

2Full of Hot Air

This mini hot air balloon is so light and delicate, it looks like it's about to float up and away.

Image via bzinktattoo/Instagram


This flower might be a a cover-up for an old tattoo, but we love the bright, bold colors anyway!

Image via kinkyinktattoo/Instagram


The symmetry in this pointed flower is stunning ... it makes for such a statement! 

Image via flynx/Instagram


We're love tattoos with numbers in them because they always seem to stand for something. Plus, the font she chose for this "13" is gorgeous! 

Image via tattoofilter.com

7Minimalist Symbols

These two runes are called "kenaz," and together they mean "create your own reality." We love the minimalist design!


This symbol is a Mayan numeral for the number 11, but it's a beautiful design on its own, too.

10Show Your Heritage

This tattoo is the national symbol of Turkey. Love the idea to represent where you're from!

11Crescent Moon

A crescent moon is such a classic choice, and we love the way it looks here. So sweet!


Everything about this sweet om symbol is as peaceful and restful as the corresponding sound and state of mind.


Whether you're from Africa or just love it there, this tiny tattoo is such a sweet way to mark that forever!

15Open Heart

This tiny tatt is such a good reminder to always keep your heart open.


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