Forget Ombré -- Color-Melting Hair Is the New Must-Have Style (PHOTOS)

color meltingWhen ombré and balayage entered our lexicon, we wanted to know what it was and how we could get the look. Meet the newest hair coloring trend that's taking over -- color-melting -- which is melting our hearts.


Deirdre Novella, owner and master stylist at Badlands Salon & Barber in Brooklyn, New York, describes color-melting as a mix of fantasy colors, but they ease into each other in a blend or melt. Ombré is more of a brown-to-blonde with a natural look as if the sun created the change. Balayage is more of an all-over sun-kissed and highlighted look. 

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Color-melting is a process for stylists to blend the shades in a way so that when applied, they seem to melt into each other without any hard line or sharp color change.

The colors chosen for the look are up to three shades apart and then blended so the stylist can achieve that multidimensional look.

Here, Deirdre's own hair was color-melted using violet and pink.

This style is a blend of color-melting and ombré, using melon and hot pink. I love the ombré color-melting mix.

And here, another look at the subtle but striking color changes.

#metallicobsession #kenracolor Happy thanksgiving to all, I'm thankful for all of you !

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What's exciting is that this can be done with so many colors -- you could get lost online looking at the variations, but it is a look best done by a stylist. Seems like it's the perfect look to beat the winter blues.


Image via Deirdre Novella/Badlands Salon

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