Checkerboard Hair Is the Perfect Trend for Color Commitaphobes (PHOTOS)

checkerboard hairIf you're looking for a slightly punk way to glam up your hair with some colors, this checkerboarding hair technique is for you. It's simple to do and non-permanent, excellent for those who want a color boost without the long-term commitment.


I spoke to Deirdre Novella, owner and Master Stylist at Badlands Salon & Barber in Brooklyn, New York, for the scoop on checkerboarding.

"Crayons are best used on checkerboarding long hair because the color won't run or smudge," she says. "Another way to highlight this look is to shave the sides of your hair and checkerboard that. Because there aren't strands of hair, the color won't run so you can use something like Manic Panic, which isn't permanent either."

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When using crayons on strands or a non-permanent fantasy color for a shaved part of your head, here are some guidelines to get it right.

Step 1: Choose two colors to work with. Starting at the front of the face and with one color, create blocks down a strand of top layer hair starting at roots, leaving space for the second color. Spacing doesn't have to be exact, but leave same-size blocks untouched for the next color. Go straight down and as far down as you'd like or even just mid-way.

Step 2: Once you complete one strand with one color, take your second color and fill in the blank squares on that strand.

Step 3: Begin the process on the next strand of hair, doing the same working-down-all-the-way technique.

It's that simple. You can just do some face-framing checkers or a whole lot more.

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In this video, stylist Alex Brownsell uses the non-permanent Bleach London hair crayons. You can also use something like Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk Kit.

Here's a video showing how to. I create in #mycalvins @calvinklein

A video posted by alexbrownsell (@alexbrownsell) on

I create in #mycalvins @calvinklein

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And at Coven Salon in Seattle, stylist Jenny Slay created this fabulous checkerboard with a little more permanence.

Now that you're going to master the checkerboard look, imagine all the other possibilities.


Image via covensalon/Instagram

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