Gorgeous Knot Braid Is So Much Easier Than It Looks, We Swear (VIDEO)

knot braidThis knotted braid from stylist Sarah Potempa only looks complicated. Yes, really. The incredibly gorgeous style is actually easy to achieve, especially if you have an extra set of hands to help.


Here are the easy steps to creating the enchanting look.

Step 1: Enlist a friend for help.

Step 2: Pull all the hair back away from face. You can tease the underneath a bit for a little volume and use hairspray to to secure.

Step 3: Take a triangular section of your hair from the top and split in two. Tie a knot.

Step 4: To do a side-to-side knot look, with your right hand take the end of that knot, and with your left hand take hair from the left side. Make a knot with that new piece of hair and the section in your right hand. 

You can also knot straight down, knotting sections of hair (using one from each side) underneath each other, on top of the previous knot. 

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Step 5: Keep knotting, alternating sides all the way down.

Step 6: Secure at end or tuck underneath and secure with pins.

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This look is gorgeous on brides, but it isn't just one of those fancy updos reserved for special occasions -- though, it's perfect for that: Put a fresh flower on the side or back and it's even more elegant.

It's also the perfect braid for kids and moms who want their hair up and are bored of a simple ponytail.


Image via sarahpotempta/Instagram

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