How to Pull Off a Smoky Eye That's On Point for Day & Night (PHOTOS)

smoky eyeWhether you're heading to the office or hitting up happy hour, it's helpful to have a few tricks up your sleeve for a go-to look you can wear anytime, anywhere. And while it's typically known for being the more sultry of styles, the smoky eye can be your best friend for both the a.m. and p.m., with a few swaps in regards to shades and intensity.


Celebrity makeup artist Latisha Nicole Rankin says you really can pull off the smoky eye effect any time of day, even if you previously thought it was only perfect for a hot night out.

"Most people hear 'smoky' and they assume it's created with black eye shadow, but not necessarily," she says.

Rankin suggests working with a customized palette because it's easiest for travel, cleaning, and modifying when you want to change things up.

"Inglot has very affordable palettes; each shadow slot is $7 and allows you to customize your palette," she says. "I also recommend doing your eyes first -- before the rest of your face -- so any excess shadow that falls does not damage your concealer and foundation. Remember, the key to shadow is all in the proper tools and blending."

The Daytime Smoky Eye

1. Rankin strongly encourages applying a long-lasting base in neutral colors to the lid. Apply cream with a flat and sturdy brush to help glide product on. Recommendation: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadows ($29, in Malted (a mocha beige color great on all complexions), Beach Bronze (golden brown shade for richer skin tones and for a shimmer affect), or Sandy Gold (a pale golden beige for fairer complexions).

2. Once your base has been applied, add Inglot shadow #344 ($7, to the lid. Rankin says you can use the same brush you use for the cream shadow or a short, fluffy brush.

3. Moving on to the middle lid, use a blending brush (that short stern brush in your beauty bag) on the mid lid, lightly applying Inglot shadow #326 as this will help create a soft transition into the crease color.

4. Take that same blending brush and use Inglot shadow #329 in  your crease lightly to add depth. Then use a long fluffy brush to blend all the colors together to soften the appearance.

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5. Using an ultra angle brush or liquid liner brush, add a gel liner only on the lash line. The thicker the line, the smokier the effect. Underneath your lashes, take a smudge brush and add a little color using Inglot shadow #326, then apply your mascara.

Pro Tip: "Usually I don't use a brow highlight, but you could use a color similar to Bobbi Brown's Vanilla or Banana Long-Wear Cream Shadow on your brow bone," says Rankin. "Concealer is also a great natural brow highlight (use a lighter shade from your daily concealer)."

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The Evening Smoky Eye

1. Rankin says you can begin the same way as you would for your daytime look, using your long-wear neutral shadow base.

2. Apply gel liner just as you did in the a.m., but Rankin instructs that this time, while the liner is still wet, take a smudge brush to it to blend out until the liner is faded.

3. Using the same brush, go underneath the lash line smudging. "This draws attention to the eyes, but make sure to only line the eyes according to the eye shape," says Rankin.

Tip: Rankin loves a good brush set for their convenience. She recommends the Sephora Collection "Natural Resources" Everyday Eye Brush Set ($39, and Bobbi Brown brush sets.


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