12 Best Hair Treatments for Beautiful Locks All Winter Long (PHOTOS)

It happens every year: Before we even get the chance to finish bidding farewell to summer frizz, winter creeps up with its dry flyaways and static cling. Just once we want a full season of glam hair -- is that too much to ask?!

It probably is, but the good news is that with the right products, winter dryness is actually pretty easy to combat. As long as you choose the products that are best for your hair type, good hair days might not be as far away as you think ... here are the tools we love to get us to shampoo-commercial-level shininess all winter long.


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  • Davine's DEDE Hair Mist


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    Best forFine hair

    Finding a formula that won't drag down fine or thin hair and leave it limp and greasy is an on-going challenge, but Davine's DEDE Hair Mist ($29, us.davines.com) might be the cure you need. You'll probably want to use it daily, but that's how it gets away with being such a light formula -- it's not meant to sit heavy in your hair all week long.

  • Ouidad Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy


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    Best for: Curly hair

    If your curly hair is dry and cracked and frizzy and a mess, it's time to pull out the big guns. And in this case, the biggest gun on the shelf is Ouidad Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy ($52, sephora.com). The product works best with heat, and you'll need to give this some time to sink into your hair. But it's worth it for a head of dreamy and soft curls, we promise.

  • Kevin Murphy Untangled


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    Best for: Wavy hair

    A lot of times, wavy hair doesn't get the attention from product companies that it needs, but even the easiest-to-care-for wavy hair needs some love during long, dry winters. Kevin Murphy Untangled ($30, amazon.com) is all the love it's been missing and more. It'll add softness and shine to long hair, plus add weight it needs to keep your hair from getting tangly and static-y in the winter.

  • Honey'do Conditioner


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    Best for: Sensitive skin

    Honey'do Conditioner ($16, abeautifullife.com) is made with natural, of-the-earth ingredients (most notably honey, duh), so if you have a scalp that's sensitive to chemicals or other harsh ingredients, you might consider giving this leave-in a try.
  • Long by Valery Joseph Nourish Mask for Dry Hair


    Image via net-a-parter.com

    Best for: Long hair (or long hair wannabes)

    If you have long hair or are trying to grow yours out, keeping your ends moisturized is a must (if you're chopping off an inch of split ends every six weeks, your hair isn't going to get any longer, babe. Sorry). Long by Valery Joseph Nourish Mask for Dry Hair ($50, net-a-porter.com) will help, though -- it's a thick and creamy mask designed to give much-needed love to dry and damaged sections of your hair.

  • Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner


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    Best for: Natural curly or coily hair

    A longtime fave of curly hair gurus, Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner ($8, naturallycurly.com) is the go-to choice for natural or relaxed 3c, 4a, 4b, or 4c hair types in need of stronger and softer strands.

  • TRESemme Split Remedy Leave-In Conditioning Spray


    Image via drugstore.com

    Best for: Split ends

    TRESemme Split Remedy Leave-In Conditioning Spray ($6.74, drugstore.com) binds and reconstructs split and damaged ends. With easy application and a lightweight formula, it's also great for everyday use.

  • Living Proof No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner


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    Best for: Frizz control

    Some of us can never escape frizz ... not even in the dead of winter. Thankfully, Living Proof No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner ($25, sephora.com) does double-duty: It sinks deep into hair to fix breakage, while creating an anti-humidity shield that'll keep the healing in and the frizz out.

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  • CIBU Knot So Knotty Anti-breakage Detangler


    Image via cibuforhair.com

    Best for: Thick and straight hair

    Thick, straight hair that gets dried out by the winter weather is especially prone to tangling. And that, of course, only leads to more breakage, which means more tangling, and then more and more of this nasty cycle. But CIBU Knot so Knotty Anti-breakage Detangler ($18, cibuforhair.com) will put a stop to all that nonsense -- the keratin, silk, and soy proteins add enough strength, moisture, and shine that you'll be back to your silky soft self in no time.

  • Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil


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    Best for: Colored or chemically treated hair

    Everyone's hair needs sun protection before a summer beach vacay, but colored or chemically damaged hair really needs sun protection all the time. You'll want to try Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil ($28, aveda.com) -- it's a lightweight spray that'll moisturize and protect delicate hair from sun damage all year.

  • Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy


    Image via ulta.com

    Best for: A quick condition

    We're busy girls and we don't always have time for a 90-minute deep conditioning treatment. But that's fine -- Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy ($42, ulta.com) is a super quick, two-step process that is no less effective. It's a must for busy days!

  • John Masters Organics Green Tea & Calendula Leave-In Conditioning Mist


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    Best for: All-natural ingredients

    John Masters Organics Green Tea & Calendula Leave-In Conditioning Mist ($24, ulta.com) is all natural, all organic from the tip of its green tea antioxidants to the bottom of its soy proteins. Healthy choice for you, healthy choice for the earth.

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