Will Forte's Questionable Half-Shaven Beard Has Us All Picking Sides (PHOTO)

will forteSaturday Night Live alum Will Forte pulled an incredible hair stunt at the fancy FOX All-Star Party in Pasadena, California. Forte showed up half-shaven -- half a beard, half a moustache, with only half of the hair on his head and one eyebrow gone.


Very interesting look, Will.

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will forte

This makes me want to play a little game of "Which do you prefer?" Let's just put that little eyebrow shaving to the side for this one and pretend there is some sort of brow there. Other than that, which do you prefer -- clean shaven Will or hair everywhere Will?

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I'm going to go for the big beard, longish hair Will. I don't know what it is, but I just love a man with a beard. Though I may tame Will's just a little bit. Will also shaved his arm hair for the event, taking the hair removal thing to the next level. And not recommended. I tried that once, and when it grows back it's prickly and weird. I've since embraced my arm hair.

No word on what the hair situation was under the clothes. It seems that this may be something for his role in the series Last Man On Earth, where he sports quite a lot of hair growth. But for me, hands (and razors) down, bearded Will is way better.

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