Breathtaking Portraits Have Us Head Over Heels for #Freckles (PHOTOS)

frecklesSome people consider their freckles a blessing; others look at them as a curse. But there's no question that the spots can be simply beautiful, as British photographer Brock Elbank set out to prove with a series of stunning portraits entitled, "#Freckles."


Elbank, who shot the photos in London, was inspired to begin the project when he met his friend's freckle-faced son at a football game and found his look to be completely captivating. 

"Eddie had this face full of freckles like I'd never seen before," Elbank told The Stir.

"They were very intense, he was a great-looking character so I asked John if I could shoot a portrait, and that was the start of it in early 2012."

Elbank has already photographed nearly a hundred freckled faces and plans to have documented 150 by the time of his 2017 exhibition with the Michael Reid gallery in Sydney and Berlin. To see more of Elbank's work, check out his Instagram or Tumblr; if you're interested in being one of Elbank's subjects, email him at


Image via Brock Elbank

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