5 Simple & Pretty Ways to Style Your Post-Workout Hair

woman brushing hair at gymIf you've ever skipped a workout because you have someplace to be later in the day requiring you to look far more presentable than throwing your sweaty locks into a ponytail, we have some ideas for you. Yes, there really is a way to primp in the locker room and emerge post-gym chic.


Even better, each of these style suggestions doesn't take a professionally skilled hand -- so not to worry if you feel like an amateur when it comes to your locks.

1. The 3-Minute Blowout

Get this: Fernando Salas, creator of the White Sands hair product line, says you can score a pretty impressive post-workout blowout in just three minutes. He suggests spraying a hairspray like White Sands Infinity to soak up extra oils and create lift at the roots.

"Quickly use your dryer, and direct the heat only at your hairline to dry up the most visible, sweaty areas," says Fernando. "Flip your head over and dry hair upside down. When you come back up, you will have volume while also refreshening tresses. Spray your brush with perfume and run through your hair to finish."

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2. Chignon


The word chignon sounds way too fancy to be a style that you can actually produce after logging 30 minutes on the treadmill and countless reps with weights, but think positive -- you can do it!

The first step is to tousle your hair with a texture spray. White Sands UnderCover Styling Spray is great, as is Living Proof's Instant Texture Mist and Show Beauty Premiere Working Texture Spray.

Next, you'll want to loosely pull your tresses back into a low ponytail. With bobby pins at the ready, pin a section of hair from the middle of the ponytail an inch or two above your hair tie.

Then, pin the remaining pieces in place. "Remember, it doesn't have to look perfect," says Fernando. "The more creative and the more texture the better."

3. High Bun

There are some "it" girls out there who seem to throw their hair into the perfect high bun so effortlessly it makes us green with envy. But Fernando says achieving the look is pretty easy and perfect for an after-gym style.

For starters, you can pick up one of the many foam bun makers on the market, like Hot Buns, or cut off the toe end of a sock and roll it into a circular shape for a DIY tool. Roll your hair into the bun, then seal it with a shine spray, like White Sands Porosity or Drybar Sparking Soda Shine Mist, to conceal oily locks.

4. Classic Ponytail

You don't have to ditch your workout ponytail entirely, just class it up. "I've noticed that a beautiful classic ponytail is underutilized," says Fernando.

Use a lightweight paste, like White Sands Smudge Texture Creme, to smooth your strands back into a sleek pony, securing it in the middle of the head, below the crown and above the nape of your neck. Wrap a small piece of hair around the band to dress it up and secure the ends with a bobby pin.

5. Braid

The braid is ever-evolving and such a great way to disguise oily hair. In this case, however, Fernando says you can actually use a braid during your workout to create wavy texture when you're done. Wear your favorite braided style while you sweat, then undo it to reveal heatless waves.



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