The Best of Forever 21's New Line of Plus-Size Activewear (PHOTOS)

Not everyone can squeeze their thighs into Lululemon workout tights. It's just the way the world works. If you're one of the many who are looking for a larger, elastic-ier, cheaper, but Lemon-levels-hot workout outfit, Forever 21's new line of plus-size activewear might be your dream come true.

First, the lead model promoting the gear is Ashley Graham, who -- let's be honest -- could sell us anything because she makes EVERYTHING look good.

Second, everything in the line is less than $30, but still comes with all the flat lock seams, key pockets, and moisture-wicking fabrics you can dream of.

Third, everything is sexy. Seriously. Peel off your boring black Under Armour sports bra and slip into one of these strappy, marbled, low back, high-waisted, mesh-panelled beauties. You know what? Don't even work out. Just wear these around forever, because they're made for your body and your body looks damn good it them.

Sold? Shop the full line online or in Forever 21 stores, but check out our favorite pieces here first.


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