Makeup Designed for Workouts?! Hell. No.

As if our beauty product arsenal needed an additional segment, apparently we're supposed to be stocking up on makeup that can withstand a workout. Yes, as in, now products exist specifically so we can pretty up while we exercise.


This month Birchbox is launching Arrow, a streamlined collection of makeup formulated specifically to keep your face in place through spin, barre, TRX, or whatever other fitness routine suits your fancy. The first offerings out of the gate include a gel blush, tinted lip balm, and deodorant. But have no fear -- waterproof mascara, a tinted serum, and even brow gel are on their way in May.

Perhaps I'm reading a bit too much into this, but are beauty companies seriously trying to intercept my gym time? It's one of the few instances where I can be out in public and not feel like I have to pull it together. Because if I'm doing my workout right, I'm going to sweat. A lot.

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This idea that women are being encouraged to look "perfect" under extreme conditions, like when I'm imagining my pretend cycling team (i.e., fellow spinning sadists) is bracing for a ginormous hill, seems downright cruel.

We were supposed to be headed toward a period of loving ourselves as we are, not necessarily needing to see perfectly curled lashes as we stare at ourselves in the mirror praying for a set of "chair" to be over in Bar Method class.

But like a bunch of PO'd commenters on Birchbox's Facebook, I'm simply not buying into it. I completely understand why formulas specifically designed to withstand a workout could come in handy for fitness instructors who are on display as they demonstrate upcoming moves or even dare to sweat alongside the rest of us, but aside from that, come on!

I'm not trying to knock those who already willingly get gussied up specifically for the gym (although I admittedly don't understand it); I just don't love the idea of having marketers make me think I should join the club. If I have makeup on at the gym, it's because I didn't remove it after work, not because I intentionally put it there before hitting the treadmill.

In Birchbox's defense, they're not the only beauty brand getting in on the sweat-enduring makeup game. Eyeko is already selling Sport Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner. And for all I know the products are fantastic; I'm just going to choose to keep my fitness routine bare-faced, thank you very much.


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