50 Bold Thigh Tattoos That Are Truly Stunning

Michele Zipp | Mar 21, 2018 Beauty & Style
50 Bold Thigh Tattoos That Are Truly Stunning
Image: bloodofangelscambridge/Instagram

thigh tattoo

Thigh tattoos are simply gorgeous. The placement alone makes thigh tats one of the more head-turning kinds. Like with the effect had by wearing a garter belt, there's something inherently sexy about having a thigh tattoo. Not to mention that it's a spot where the artist can go bigger in design than on the arms, and so many designs work well in this area. And whatever design we choose to get inked on our thigh, it can be easily hidden with a long skirt or pants. All of this makes the thigh an ideal ink area. 

But thigh tattoos need to be thought out carefully in term of placement. A good tattoo artist will work with a client on the best spot for that person's thigh tattoo -- a certain design may look better on front, side, or back of thigh. A design can completely wrap around or go down the leg. It's a place where creativity can -- and should -- really shine. 

No matter where the piece is placed, it seems the bathtub might just be the best place to take a photo of a thigh tattoo. Seriously -- wow! (Although the beach comes in close second!) We were inspired by all the lovely work on these women and their thighs. Read ahead for 50 stunning thigh tattoos and prepare to be inspired as well. 

Warning: These tattoos will make anyone wish it were forever summer so people can always flaunt their thigh high ink!