Icicle Nails Are the Wintery Mani You Need to Try Right Now (VIDEOS)

Whether or not the weather agrees, we're officially in winter again. So snuggle down with your knits and nail polish because this year's mani trend is killer: icicle nails. 


We've seen icicles on nails before, but we're on a whole new level this year. I mean:

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Stunning, right? You could also do the simple, clean version:

Or even the kind of crazy, amazingly cool embellished version:

You're thinking that these look so absurdly beautiful that you could never do them yourself, right? Well, we have NEWS for you. It turns out that even though icicle nails look professional-level awesome, they're not that hard to do. 

All you really need are some blues, whites, and glitter (of course) to create a winter wonderland on your finger nails. If you have mini detailing brushes, that's awesome. If not, here's PixyPolish's tutorial on how to recreate the look by painting with a bobby pin:

If you're looking for something a little more complex, Lucy's Stash gets pretty serious with shading in her tutorial (we promise, it's easier than it sounds!).

Lenysea has the how-to on creating extra glittery, extra glam icicle nails. We looove the black background!

And finally, if you're up for a real challenge, PiggieLuv's transparent, snowflake-studded icicles are nothing short of jaw-dropping. Check out her tutorial:


Image via iStock.com/DevMarya

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