50 Hip Tattoos So Stunning We Can't Help but Stare

50 Hip Tattoos So Stunning We Can't Help but Stare

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After getting inked once, it's hard not to become obsessed with looking at other designs. It usually starts with a small tattoo, and then all we want to do is move onto a bigger, more detailed one. Sometimes we know exactly where that perfect tattoo should go but not exactly what it should look like, right? This happens to all of us, so there's no shame in looking around for inspiration first. For anyone interested in a hip tattoo, we've got some lovely ideas! 

Since the hip is forever one of our fave spots for tattoos, we picked out some of the most intricate, interesting, or otherwise inspiring hip tattoos. 

With a mix of classic tatoo designs as well as feminine and ornate designs, the hip zone will take on a totally new life. Is there anything more stunning than when a hip bone is adorned with a pretty piece of ink? The area allows people to get really creative with their tattoos, and maybe choose a piece that wraps around their torso. And just imagine how much better that bathing suit game will be, come summer time. After all, who could resist enticing black ink or gorgeous floral designs?

All these hip bone and side hip designs look so awesome that we want to steal them immediately (but alas, we each only have two hip bones ...). Take a look at this inspiring roundup of hip tattoos and find the one.