Alyssa Milano Gets Bold New Pixie Haircut (PHOTOS)

alyssa milanoA 43-year-old mom of two cut her hair really short, and that mom happens to be Alyssa Milano, who debuted her pixie cut with some sassy pics on Instagram. It's an incredibly adorable look, and quite daring, since her hair before the chop was very long.


Alyssa has gone this short before, but it was way back in early 2000s.

Short hair don't care.

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My glam squad, but most importantly, my sweet friends. I love you @scottpatric and @linhhair.

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It's clear she can do just about anything with her locks and it works for her. I love how tousled it is, and the color is so warm and pretty -- looks like a little bit of caramel in there. Dare I say it's a little Victoria Beckham, who is always fabulous and gorgeous. 

Let's also take a moment to remember Alyssa's motto that she shared earlier this year. She said, "I just try to be kind to myself" when talking about losing pregnancy weight. And I think that's a motto she still lives by and we should all heed. Be kind to yourself, everyone. And also, take time for yourself. Get that haircut you've been wanting, splurge on a spa day or a pedicure, make time to read that book in your favorite spot, compliment yourself when you look in the mirror, take good care of yourself. 

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That inner beauty shines right through Alyssa, a woman who has already shown her superhero status with that gorgeous photo of herself breastfeeding while dressed as Wonder Woman. All mothers are superheroes. And all mothers deserve to be kind to themselves. And to each other.

The new 'do is lovely, Alyssa, just like you.


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