Mary-Kate Olsen's Wedding Band Is More Surprising Than Massive Engagement Ring

mary-kate olsenMary-Kate Olsen's engagement ring from Olivier Sarkozy is a massive vintage Cartier with diamonds and sapphires. It's major. But we didn't know the looks of Mary-Kate's wedding band until now. It's quite surprising.


MK's wedding band is just that -- a gold band. Quite the departure from the bling Sarkozy scored for her at a Sotheby's auction. That ring is a vintage 1953 4-carat diamond, European-cut -- it also boasts 16 calibré-cut sapphires and 1.5 carats of diamonds around that big gem. It cost $81,250.

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But whatever. Money like that isn't a big deal to a big money man like Sarkozy. Still, a simple wedding band is a bit unexpected. Unexpected isn't exactly an Olsen thing.

I think we can guess that the only thing Mary-Kate Olsen loves more than her twin sister Ashley and more than her husband Olivier Sarkozy is her bad habit. And in tune with that, there were reportedly "bowls of cigarettes" at her wedding and everyone puffed away through the night. Yuck. But this simple wedding band news is a breath of fresh air. (Yeah, I said it.) And it does go with the Olsens' signature style. She isn't exactly a bold-and-busy-print kind of person when it comes to fashion. Both Mary-Kate and Ashley stick to black, variants of cream and gray, and did I mention black? Always in style.

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So it makes sense that her wedding band be exactly that -- something always in style, sometimes timeless, traditional yet on trend. MK was spotted wearing only that simple wedding band the other day ... while she was photographed outside -- you guessed it -- smoking a cigarette.


Image via Splash News

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