11 Best Body Lotions to Keep Winter From Wrecking Your Skin (PHOTOS)

best body lotions for winter 2015When we're talking about snowflakes and glowy lights, we love winter. It's the best. But when December hits and we remember the way icy winds desecrate our skin, we start thinking twice. It's a good thing, then, that there are so many fantastic body lotions ready to sweep in and save our struggling relationship with winter, because we really want the two of us to get along.

There are SO many lotions floating around that it gets tricky to pick out the good from the greasy. To help, we picked out our favorite lotions from across price points. We promise they'll all save you from sporting scorched desert-like skin this season.


Images via skinceuticals.com; kiehls.com; nyrorganic.com; lushusa.com; josiemarancosmetics.com; jason-personalcare.com

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