10 Popular Beauty Products With Pretty Ugly Side Effects

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We do some crazy things to ourselves in the name of beauty -- so crazy, in fact, that some of them can even be downright dangerous! It's true: Some of the simple things we do to look our best every single day could be hazardous to our health. Just look at tanning beds, chemical hair dye, and even acrylic manicures -- all things which have been proven to have negative health effects. We rounded up 10 of the worst things women do in the name of beauty. 


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Looking to add a little ooomph to the beauty routine? With each new and crazy beauty trend, we of course want to jump right in. Ombré hair? Let's do it! Bold eyebrows? Let's go! Vagina nails? -- Okay well maybe we didn't jump on vagina nails. But for most trends, we as consumers can't wait to try the latest and the greatest. But buyer beware! Sometimes the latest beauty products can be hazardous to one's health. We found a list of beauty products and treatments that most people don't know are dangerous -- in both really big and somewhat smaller ways. So take out a pen and get ready to take some notes, because we found the most cringe-inducing, OMG awful beauty products that need to be thrown out of any medicine cabinet.

Here, 10 beauty trends that one might be surprised to find are the worst offenders!


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