What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

There are lots of ways to define beauty. Beauty comes from within and also shown on the outside. But sometimes just seeing beautiful things not only makes us happy, but gives us a glow that is beautiful. Beauty makes beauty.

CafeMom Dianelcsw wrote a thought-provoking journal called Beauty and I return to read it often.


She writes how she had been thinking a lot about beauty -- the different kinds of it, how much women think about it, along with the amount of effort that goes into it.

Diane has a desire to create beauty, and she has. She is mom to two beautiful children and she says they are the most beautiful things in her life.

Though she says, "I feel like I am craving beauty and if I ever indulge myself, I feel guilty for being so selfish and frivolous." I think we can all relate to that.

Often in chronic pain, one day she took out a pretty scarf to wear and something about putting it on made her feel pretty.

I understand what she means. Making the bed makes me feel beautiful in its own way because I love when I'm ready to hit the hay at night and it's all fluffed and neat waiting for me to snuggle in.

Flowers make me feel pretty...it's one of those little things that have so much beauty on their own that it's hard to look at one and not feel its beauty shining back on you.

And I'll admit, a little bit of lipstick makes me feel beautiful. Like I mentioned in Do You Wear Makeup When You're Sick, a little burst of color gives me a pick-me-up.

Thank you, Dianelcsw, for sharing your thoughts with us and writing that journal.

What makes you feel beautiful?


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