50 Nature Tattoos That Capture Earth's Beauty

botanical spine nature tattoo

Some of the most beautiful tattoos are inspired by nature -- trees, leaves, wildflowers, mountains, animals, and so much more. From gorgeous black-and-white work to bright, vivid watercolor pieces, nature tattoos can be big and powerful or small and delicate. Whether it's a plant that represents someone's birth month or a certain insect that has a cultural meaning behind it, a natural element can be full of symbolism. And so, some of the best tattoo ideas are found in nature. 


Even something as small as a ladybug or a bumblebee can turn into really beautiful body art. Bigger nature tattoos could be tree branches or an entire a woodland scene. We're seeing natural elements combined with man-made ones too, such as a landscape set in the outline of a state and a flower arrangement framed by a symbol or geometric shape. 

Night skies, beaches, trees blowing in the wind -- there is so much inspiration surrounding us every day. There are even tattoos of simple grass that look spectacular. Whether a certain place is sentimental to us or an animal reminds us of a special person, nature tattoos can turn out to be some of the most meaningful ones. 

There are tons of creative ways to incorporate the great outdoors into some ink. Check out these 50 nature-inspired tattoos for some beautifully organic ideas.

Botanical Spine Nature Tattoo

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