17 Hair Products & Accessories From the '80s You Couldn't Live Without (PHOTOS)

17 Hair Products & Accessories From the '80s You Couldn't Live Without (PHOTOS)

The recipe for great '80s hair? A crimping iron, a giant wrap hair bow, such as the one seen here on Madonna, and about eight gallons of hairspray — no, wait, better make that nine gallons. Back in the day, we liked our hair to be big, bold, and static, especially our gravity-defying bangs.


We spent so much time achieving our looks that '80s hair products and accessories are like our long-lost best friends. Sure, we haven't hung out with them in a while, but, man, do we share some totally awesome memories. Ready to revisit the best hair products and accessories your Caboodle had to offer? 


Image © Sunset Boulevard/Corbis

  • Feathered Roach Clips


    Image via Etsy.com

    Their real purpose could have gotten you grounded, but the feathered clips added a dash of mystery and color to any '80s do. Bonus: Stevie Nicks rocked them too. 

  • Scrunchies


    Image via Etsy.com

    Sarah Jessica Parker was a scrunchie-aholic back in the '80s, along with everyone else on the planet. Any self-respecting teen had scrunchies in multiple colors and prints to go with every single outfit they owned.


  • Clairol Benders Heated Flexible Shapers


    Image via Ebay.com

    Clairol gave curlers a totally tubular makeover in the '80s with Benders. Curl seekers wrapped the soft baby-blue and pink heated tubes around their hair in the hopes of achieving bouncy or waves. 

  • Prell Shampoo


    Image via Amazon.com

    If Prell was good enough for supermodel Christie Brinkley, it was definitely good enough for us. Especially if it made our hair as shiny and bouncy as hers looked. 

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  • Ribbon Barrettes


    Image via Etsy.com

    Crafty '80s girls turned plain metal barrettes into these colorful versions, with strands of ribbons that hung down in their hair. The coolest ribbon barrettes had little beads on the ends. 

  • Dippity-Do


    Image via Etsy.com

    There were plenty of hairsprays out there, but bright green Dippity-Do was one of our favorite gels. It didn't just hold hair in place, it actually left it crunchy. Take that, wind!

  • Wrap Hair Bows


    Image © Sunset Boulevard/Corbis

    The Material Girl didn't shy away from material when fashioning the trend-setting oversized wrap bows she flaunted in concerts and on the big screen in 1985's Desperately Seeking Susan. Ours looked just as cool, we're sure of it.

  • Bandanas


    Image via Etsy.com

    Bruce Springsteen, Axl Rose, and other rockers turned regular bandanas into stylin' headbands, and we quickly followed suit. We also wrapped bandanas around our necks, legs, or arms. 

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  • Rave Hairspray


    Image via Amazon.com

    Ready, aim, spray! Rave Hairspray helped keep our bangs sky-high all day long. Popularity, secured. 

  • Goody Snap Tight Kiddie Barrettes


    Image via Etsy.com

    If you started the '80s in elementary school, you definitely donned these colorful plastic barrettes. We just can't decide which was better -- wearing them or obsessively collecting new ones.

  • Crimping Irons


    Image via Amazon.com

    Not ready for a full perm? Crimping irons offered temporary s-shaped waves perfect for a side ponytail. Eighties' perfection!

  • Hair Picks


    Image via Amazon.com

    Achieving sky-high bangs was an art form, and hair picks were our paint brushes. The wide-toothed picks helped us defy gravity every morning. 

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  • Salon Selectives Shampoo & Conditioner


    Image via BigLots.com

    Thick or thin hair? Dry or oily? Salon Selectives gave '80s teens an easy fix, with coded shampoos and conditioners for just about every hair type. Plus, the hair products smelled like green apples. Win-win!


  • Banana Clips


    Image via Yandy.com

    For a full-bodied ponytail or fancy French twist, the banana clip was an '80s girl's best friend. Extra points if it was neon! 

  • Aussie Hair Spray


    Image via Amazon.com

    If you wanted to do a real bang-up job on your hair, Aussie Mega Hair Spray was a top pick. The spray's signature grape scent only added to its appeal.

  • French Hair Combs


    Image via Etsy.com

    French combs came in sets of two, but any self-respecting '80s teen knew you only really needed one -- to clip your hair behind your ear on one side. 

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  • Finesse Shampoo & Conditioner


    Image via Amazon.com

    Needed a little finesse? Our basic instincts told us to use the awesome-smelling shampoo that Sharon Stone hawked in the early '80s. 


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