19 Hair Products & Accessories From the '90s You Just Had to Have (PHOTOS)

19 Hair Products & Accessories From the '90s You Just Had to Have (PHOTOS)

Oh, the 1990s. We wanted to hang out with Saved By the Bell's Zack Morris, go shopping with Clueless's Cher (taking separate cars, of course!), and make out with the bad boys on Beverly Hills, 90210. And our hair would have looked perfect the whole time, of course. After all, the '90s were chock-full of awesome hair products and accessories. 

Whether we were flipping our ponytails with the Topsy Turvy Hair Loop or shocking our parents with Manic Panic's cotton candy pink, our hair was always ready for prime time. Ready to reminisce? 


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  • Butterfly Hair Clips


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    They may look cutesy now, but in the '90s, even the cool girls rocked butterfly clips at some point -- and always several at once. After all, why use just one butterfly, when you can have a multi-colored swarm of them adorning your hair?

  • Crimping Irons


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    Straight hair? Crimp it! In the '90s, celebs like Britney Spears and Melissa Joan Hart rocked crimped hair on the red carpet while we rocked it at school. 

  • Manic Panic Hair Dye


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    Punk rock sisters started selling Manic Panic in the '70s, but the high-impact hair dye didn't really take off until the 1990s. Celebrities, fashion models, and teens alike embraced the daring dye's rainbow of colors to jump-start their looks. 

  • Snap Barrettes


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    Snap clips were better than bobby pins at keeping stray hair in line. Plus, they came in cool colors and patterns, and were a snap to use.

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  • Topsy Tail Hair Loop


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    The odd-looking Topsy Tail Hair Loop created twisted ponytails and updos in just a few seconds. You simply placed the tool loop-side up through your ponytail and pushed your ponytail through the loop. Hair, done.

  • Scrunchies


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    Scrunchies got their start in the '80s, but they held tightly to their popularity well into the '90s. Even Full House's Tanner sisters regularly rocked the fabric-covered hair ties. 

  • Herbal Essences Shampoo


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    Yes! Yes! Yes! The reaction women had while sudsing up in the '90s Herbal Essences shampoo commercials was orgasmic, to say the least. So, of course, we all had to try it ASAP. 

  • Cloth Headbands


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    Wide, stretchy fabric headbands were all the rage in the '90s. The comfy hair-holders are on the way back in, making a comeback with an updated turban-inspired twist. 

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  • Hairagami


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    Needed a sleek bun without any hassle? Hairagami promised the perfect 'do was just a fold, wrap, and snap away. 

  • Sun-In Spray-In Hair Lightener


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    For blondes who wanted to be blonder, Sun-In did the trick. For brunettes, it turned their hair a weird shade of orange. Lesson learned!

  • Bandana Headbands


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    Sarah Jessica Parker, Christina Aguilera, and Hilary Duff all rocked this versatile hair accessory back in the day. Not great at tying bandannas? The '90s even offered faux bandana headbands, with an elastic that held them in place just so.  

  • Hair Claws


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    No scrunchie? Have no fear, '90s girls. The hair claw could grab your hair back in a pinch with its jaw-like combs. 

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  • Marble Hair Ties


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    These gumball-inspired hair ties defined elementary school ponytails in the '90s -- sometimes painfully if they got snapped. Ouch!

  • Hair Jewel Springs


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    Why should fingers and necks have all the fun? Nineties girls even bejeweled their hair. Some jewels had tiny springs to hold them in place -- sometimes a little too well. Ouch!

  • Leather Hair Holders


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    Not for the fine-haired, these leather cup-like barrettes slid around your hair, secured in place by a stick. The leather accessories are still widely available on Etsy and other sites. 

  • Comb Headbands


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    Stretchy comb hairbands locked our locks into place back in the '90s, and they're poised to do it again. The spiky headbands are making a comeback on the runways. 

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  • Part Pizazz


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    Parting your hair straight down the middle? Booooring! The Part Pizazz gave '90s girls the power to mess it up, either going freestyle or using stencils for zigzags and other patterns. 

  • Banana Clips


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    Two combs fastened together? Genius. One banana clip and your hair was pulled back and neatly fixed into place. 

  • Hair Wraps


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    What better way to show off your creative side -- and flaunt your island vacation -- than with colorful string wrapped tightly around strands of your hair? 


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