Get Adele's Glamorous Comeback Look With This Expert Tutorial (VIDEO)

adele Adele has not only captivated us with the song and video for "Hello" and her long-awaited album 25, which comes out today, but also with her beauty. That cat eye, those lashes, the perfect lip -- Adele's look is perfection, so we wouldn't blame you for wanting to copy it.


Makeup artist Sharon Becker of SB Beauty in New York City has created gorgeous looks on brides and on models in magazines. She shared her tips on how to get Adele's look.

"Adele's look is very heavy," said Becker. "It's not a light touch at all. While she glows with internal and external beauty, and her song 'When We Were Young' is killing me, she still goes for a very strong vintage look with matte skin, heavy winged liner, power brow, and strong lips. It's a look. She's a performer, and a tall woman, so she can pull it off at the same time. Also, she's ADELE. The rest of us may want to choose one feature."

Matte face: Start with matte primer. "Stay Matte Primer by Rimmel and No7 Beautifully Matte Make Up Base are both under $13 and work well," Becker shares. "Then, use a matte foundation -- I like NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation ($7.49, Ulta) and Makeup Forever Mat Velvet ($35, Sephora). Blend smoothly and perfectly -- this is not the time to cover spots, but to use your face as a canvas. Set with loose powder."

For the eyes: Becker advises making it simple. How to do that: Start with a cream shadow that doubles as a lid primer, in a shade slightly lighter than your skin color. "Use your ring finger if your nails are short, or a small synthetic brush to spread a generous amount (not too much) all over your lid, from lash to brow," she explains. "Blend blend blend. Set with loose powder."

As for what products to grab? "I love the MAC Pro Paint Pots ($22, MAC) in Bare Study and Painterly -- the best texture I have found on the market," Becker says. "Squeeze the lid tight to keep it fresh inside. Use a slim eye contour brush to stroke a light beige color in the crease, from outer corner to near the nose. Adele has a huge eyelid, which lends itself to shadow. The rest of us mortals have to carve this space with contour shadow. Blend blend blend!"

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Finally, it kinda goes without saying that liquid liner is the star in this look. "If you're new to doing liquid liner, grab a drugstore liquid liner pen to experiment -- Maybelline Master Precise ($5.79, Target), or go upscale with Nars's new Eyeliner Stylo ($27, Sephora)," Becker notes. Here's how to apply: 

  1. Stand up in front of a mirror with good lighting. You will need two hands.  
  2. Gently hold the outer corner of your eye with a finger on your non-dominant hand, and start the line on the outer corner of your eye. Go slowly and stroke the pen as close to the lashbed as you can. Now, go to the inner corner and slowly work out to the middle. Make the lines meet. Repeat until you are satisfied that you have a strong and solid line.  
  3. Take your pen tip and place it on the very outer corner of your eye. Hold the outer corner with a finger. Look for the slope of your lower lid, and flick your eyeliner up to just extend that slope. Flick, pressing lightly with your pen.  
  4. From the outer corner of your flick, drag your pen in to meet the outer corner edge of your eyelid liner. Connect the two, and you have a wing! Revise, finish, and clean up to meet your needs. THIS TAKES PRACTICE AND PATIENCE. It's okay to dampen a Q-tip, tighten up the tip, and clean the edge of your wing. 

The brows: Adele does a major brow. If you don't have much brow, or experience building a brow, you may benefit from using a stencil -- it's so easy once you get it, but it still takes practice and may be different from your regular look. "Again, this is where you pick and choose your look," Becker says. "You can go with Adele's brows and liner but soft lip, or the big lip with just the brow. Anastasia Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes ($39.50, Ulta) is a complete kit, Sephora Fall in Line Brow Stencil Kit ($12, Sephora) is just the stencil and applicator, and you can use shadows you already own."

For the lashes: "Warm up your lash curler with your blow-dryer, test it on the back of your hand to make sure it's not too hot, and spend two minutes curling your lashes," Becker advises. "Really get in there. Do three to four coats of mascara, top and bottom. If you want black in your waterline, go ahead and do a waterproof black eyeliner in your waterline to complete the eye look. Bring it all the way across."

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Matte lip: "Unless you are getting up onstage, or it's New Year's Eve, choose one feature [to emphasize]," Becker says. "Current matte looks with a variety of shades and textures include: Nars Matte Velvet Lip Pencil ($26, Nars), Tarte Lipsurgence Matte Lip Tint ($24, Tarte), and Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Creme ($28, Sephora)."

Your Adele beauty look is done! Don't you dare watch her "Hello" video with makeup on, though -- you'll cry it all off.


Image via AdeleVEVO/YouTube

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