How to Get 3D Sweater Nail Art That Will Have You Feeling Oh-So-Cozy (VIDEO)

sweater nail artThe weather has most of us wanting to live in snuggly sweaters, and this extends to our fingertips as well. Call it sweater nail art, cable-knit, or knitted nails -- I'm calling it fantastic.


Here's how to get the look. This 3D effect requires the use of gels.

  1. Use a gel base coat on each nail and cure for 30 seconds.
  2. Apply one coat of a white gel to each nail and cure for one minute.
  3. Use a thin brush and a white 3D gel to paint on knit design -- apply by barely touching each nail and use straight and curved lines. Refer to your favorite knit sweaters for inspiration. Do different knits on each nail or keep it mono-sweater-matic. Cure each nail as you go.
  4. Apply your favorite color or colors over your nails and let dry.
  5. Finish with a gel polish topcoat.

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Beauty blogger Vera Peneda has a great video tutorial, and she also adds in a sweet bow for those of you feeling more adventurous.

Check it out.

This look is off the hook!

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You can go for some unconventional knits, too.

And gray always feels warm to me.

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Who knew your fingertips could feel so cozy?


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