How to Transform Your Brunette Locks Into Cherry Bomb Ombre (PHOTOS)

cherry bombreLooking for a way to add a subtle blast of color to your brunette locks? Let us introduce you to the cherry bomb ombre -- cherry bombre for short -- in which shades of red are woven into your natural hair color. It's a little bit sweet, a whole lotta subtle, and totally gorgeous.


"Cherry bomb ombre" was invented by famous hair colorist Beth Minardi, who's worked with such celebs as Brad Pitt, Julianne Moore, Cameron Diaz, and Evan Rachel Wood. She knows her stuff, in other words.

Where some current hair trends use otherwordly shades or even glitter to turn heads, cherry bombre relies on lowlights for a subtly explosive pop of color.

And while red might seem like a weird choice, "the brunette's natural undertone is red," explains Stephanie Johnson, a Dallas-based licensed beauty professional, makeup artist and trained cosmetology educator. "The various reds -- red, copper, berry -- really make this fun and offer a wide variety of options."

Take a look:


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Most brown-haired gals are good candidates for the cherry bombre,  says Johnson, since a red shade with a warm or cool undertone can be chosen according to how it looks with your skin.

But if you're super-pale or just the opposite -- super-ruddy -- proceed with caution. "The level of the darkness might sallow you out," Johnson notes.

Natural blondes should stick to a lighter color range to avoid looking washed out. "Too dark and it can make you look older," she explains.

For "virgin" hair that hasn't been previously dyed, Johnson gets a cherry bomb effect by using a balayage technique and color melt, "which blends the color by feathering seams," she explains. That way, the red looks subtle and natural, with less noticeable regrowth lines.

Don't like it? Don't worry. "It's much easier to go back to all over brunette than a blonde ombre would," says Johnson.

Although we bet one glance in the mirror and you'll feel like -- we can't resist -- da bomb.


Image via Jay Rua/Instagram

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