Women Are Now Giving Themselves Fake Freckles -- Yes, Really (PHOTOS)

Here's more confirmation that beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. While many women associate freckles with sun damage and go to great lengths to remove dark spots, one gal has created Freck Yourself, a cosmetic product that allows you to give yourself freckles. Say what?


Creator Remy Brixton says she's always associated those haphazard little spots with "unapologetic natural beauty." So the clear-faced founder decided to launch a Kickstarter aimed at bringing her stencil-and-formula method to the masses.

Will self-applied freckles really be the next big beauty trend? We're not so sure. It's hard not to think about that Brady Bunch episode in which poor Jan scrubs her face raw with lemons in an attempt to rid herself of those pesky dots.

But if you're interested in trying it, you can acquire a kit, which comes with 72 self-adhesive stencils and a rollerball of formula similar to sunless tanner, by making a pledge through Kickstarter. The freckle patterns look natural and last for 48 hours, according to Brixton.

For girls who've long loathed these little facial anomalies, this product may make them appreciate their natural beauty. Still, it's hard to imagine this truly taking off, especially because Brixton is seeking $215,000 in funding. (That's a lot of freckles!)

So far some gals seem game!

@phiphibb got frecked� #freckyourselfie #freckles

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If you start to notice freckles popping up on the faces of your pals seemingly overnight, you'll know how they got them!


Images via kickstarter.com

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