Everything You Need to Know to Get Gorgeous Glitter Roots (PHOTOS)

Just when we thought we'd seen it all in terms of bold hair statements (hello, rainbow hues!), social media turns its attention to glitter roots.


Yes, glitter roots.

They're exactly what you'd imagine -- the hairline coated with sparkles in various shades. While some wearers of the trend go for concentrated glitter in a straight line down a part, others opt for a more fairy-like effect, with a soft halo of the shimmery stuff scattered about the roots.

"It is a fashion style mainly used to hide roots," says Leticia Villagran, owner of Aura Boutique Salon in Chappaqua, New York. "Some people even use it to hide gray hair. It is not for everyone, but it is fun to experience."

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So, how does one make this whimsical look happen? Villagran says you can achieve glitter roots in a pinch.

Here's how:

According to Villagran, all you need is clean hair, gel, glitter, a bowl, and a brush.

"You mix the gel and as much glitter as desired in the bowl, then carefully apply it on your roots to create the glitter root effect," she explains. "It is also very easy to remove since it's only applied with gel. Simply, wash your hair!"

Since the process isn't permanent like, say, unicorn hair, it's easy to change up for different occasions. Leticia, who likens the look to something Katy Perry would try, encourages everyone to try it when they want something a little fun and edgy without the commitment.


Image via thefoxandthehair/Instagram

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