21 Meaningful Tattoos That Memorialize Miscarriage & Infant Loss

21 Meaningful Tattoos That Memorialize Miscarriage & Infant Loss

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Anyone who's suffered a miscarriage knows the experience is one that stays with a mother forever, so it's only fitting that more and more women are choosing to honor their losses with an equally permanent type of memorial: miscarriage and infant loss tattoos. Sweet and sad, these designs speak for so many. And what better way to celebrate these brief lives than with a beautiful design that never goes away?

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These beautiful mamas got tattoos to commemorate the children that they lost and loved. Some of them are big declarations of their sorrow, others small gestures of pain. But no matter what, these tattoos are ways that women tell the journey of their own fertility and motherhood. Each tattoo is a personal piece of what it means to be a mother. And maybe getting these personal mementos helped them heal after loss. 

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We never know what another mom might need to help her heal after losing a baby. For some it's time, and for others it's something more permanent and artistic. Check out some of the loveliest tattoos we've ever seen on mamas we want to support. 

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