6 Reasons We Need Spray Paint Nail Polish in Our Lives … Now (GIFS)

Nails Inc Paint Can SprayAre you sitting down? Go ahead and sit down, because this is LIFE-ALTERING NEWS, people. Ready? Soon, you will be able to give yourself a spray-paint manicure in less time than it just took me to type that.


Is your mind blown? I know. But it's true: British brand Nails Inc. is coming out with Paint Can Spray, aka "The World's Fastest Manicure." They say it will only take 20 seconds to do your nails! WUT.

See for yourself.


All you have to do, they say, is spray your nails. Then, you just wipe the excess color off your fingers with warm water, and slap on a top coat. That's it!

If this stuff really works, it's a game changer. WE ARE EXCITED. Why? Allow us to illustrate...

1. Because who has time for PAINTING?

2. Because LEFT HANDS. (Or, if you're a leftie: Because RIGHT HANDS.)


(There's a reason there are three hands here.)

3. Because when you're running out the door for date night but don't have time to scrub remnants from your kid's art project from under your nails, no one will be any the wiser!


4. Because elaborate nail art is getting kind of scary.

5. Because regular nail polish spills easily. Really easily!

6. Because getting manicures on the regular can be kind of expensive.

The only problem? Paint Can Spray doesn't launch in the States until spring 2016. Curses! Maybe this is a good time to make friends with some British girls!


Image via us.nailsinc.com

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