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13 Sneaky Style Solutions for Supreme Holiday Overindulgence (PHOTOS)

button expanderPart of the fun of the holidays is dressing up, but let's get real, about 20 minutes into your Thanksgiving or holiday feast, you're wishing you had a pair of sweats on instead of the tight jeans you felt so sexy in an hour prior. Food (and booze), in case you didn't know, make you bloated. But, what's a festive family gathering without a little overindulgence?

Because feeling a little bloated -- and holiday weight in general -- is only natural toward the end of the year, we've rounded up some seriously clever products and tricks that will let you get your second (and third) helping on without feeling like you're going to bust a seem.  


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Image via amazon.com

1Denim Jeans Waist Extenders

Anyone who's ever been pregnant knows the purpose of a waist extender -- it adds some give to your favorite pair of jeans. So, the real question is: Why not use one when you know you're going need some give? Like, say, when you'll be elbow-deep in mashed potato pie? Tuck one of these Denim Jeans Waist Extenders ($9.99, amazon.com) into your bag during the holidays and don't shy away from the dessert table. 

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3Elastic Waistbands

It may seem like an obvious choice, but when was the last time you purchased, or intentionally wore, a pair of elastic waistband pants for the purpose of stuffing your face? Don't worry -- you can still make a super-stylish choice like this Chambray Jogger Pant ($24.99, target.com). Trust us, you'll be happy you reached for them come 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving night.

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4Pant Stretcher

This is an actual thing: a pants stretcher. And unlike when you do squats and kicks in your freshly washed jeans to loosen them up, this doesn't pose the possibility of ripping them. For the days after the holidays when your clothes are feeling snug, put this Pant Stretcher ($19.50, amazon.com) in the waist of your pants and let them stretch. (Or try DIY Clothes Stretching.) The whole thing feels a little ... medieval, but your waist will thank you.

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5Dress & Tights

You can never go wrong style- or eating-wise with a loose, flowy dress -- like this Chiffon Dress ($24.99, hm.com) -- and a pair of black tights. You'll look cute and won't feel like you're going to burst out of your outfit.

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6Bra Extender

Cups that runneth over may be sexy, but when your bra feels about a size smaller than what you're packing underneath, it doesn't feel very Victoria's Secret–esque. Enter Brah! Extender ($7.95 for three, amazon.com), extenders for your bra. Give yourself a little wiggle -- er, jiggle -- room with this crafty little piece of fabric that gives your chest the room it needs.

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7Button-Down & Front Tuck

Baggy button-down shirts on women are uber sexy and uber current. Oh, and they're also uber roomy. Throw on a button-down shirt like this Contemporary Micro-Stripe Oversized Shirt ($17.90, forever21.com) with a pair of skinny or boyfriend jeans before a holiday meal and do the front or half tuck that's all the rage right now. Stylish and roomy? Win-win.

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Yes, hair conditioner. An old trick for fixing a shirt that shrunk in the wash is to submerge the shirt in a mixture of cool water and conditioner for 15 minutes, rinsing it out, and gently pulling on the wet shirt to try to stretch it out a bit. The thought is that the conditioner softens the fibers of the shirt, making it more pliable. Give it a whirl if your shirt feels too snug. 

Shown above: Crop Top ($29.90, zara.com)

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11T-Shirt Extender

If you feel like your T-shirts have "shrunk" and you're not comfy stretching them yourself, try a T-Shirt Extender ($9.95, amazon.com), which simply adds another layer underneath so you're not flashing the world your belly. A long tank top would likely work just as well. 

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13Paunch Poncho

Over the holidays, you'll feel super cozy -- and look super cute -- in a poncho like this Thick Ribbed Knit Pullover Poncho ($31.99, overstock.com). Pair with skinny black jeans (with or without Waist Extenders), and you'll feel like you're wrapped in a warm blanket at the dinner table. And when you go in for thirds, none the wiser. 

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