15 Perfumes From the '90s That Will Instantly Take You Back in Time (PHOTOS)


You're getting ready for a school dance with your girls. There's a Romeo + Juliet poster on your wall and Green Day is blaring from your CD player. There's no mistaking it: It's the '90s. And your biggest question: What perfume do you reach for to complete your outfit?

Wanna take a pungent stroll down memory lane? Here are 15 of the most memorable scents from the '90s. You know you spent your paycheck from the Sunglass Hut at Perfume Kraze for a bottle of one of these bad boys. Because looking good didn't stop at baby Ts and Doc Martens.


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  • CK One




    Image via The Perfume Spot

    What it said about you: You secretly longed to be part of the goth or at least stoner crowd, but were too scared to go against your usual crew to do so. So, the next best subversive thing? Wearing unisex perfume. 

    The best place to wear it: To the after-school detention you secretly got on purpose just so you could sit next to Evan Peterson. 

  • Malibu Musk


    Image via Zabiva

    What it said about you: You were always much happier to devour Sassy magazine than your pre-calculus homework, and you could fold a note like a champ. 

    Where you wore it: To Craig Anderson's end-of-school BBQ bash, where you totally snuck a few Zimas in. 

  • Gap Dream


    Image via Sears


    What it said about you: You played soccer, wore a hemp necklace, and always dated a year older or a school over. And when you heard Gap released a fragrance line, you demanded your boyfriend give you a ride to the mall that day to pick one up. 

    Where you wore it: To the new coffeehouse a few towns over. And underneath your boyfriend's varsity jacket, of course. 

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  • Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers


    Image via Jet

    What it said about you: You were an earthy type who knew you wanted to major in sociology once you got to college, even though you weren't sure what sociology was.

    Where you wore it: To the JSA retreat. 

  • Bath & Body Works Plumeria


    Image via Bath & Body Works

    What it said about you: You were boy crazy with a capital B. But, one spritz of this plus your trusty Steve Madden platform flip-flops and few could resist you. 

    Where you wore it: To Tracy McAllister's after-school parties. Where the parents were sparse, but the Bartles & Jaymes were aplenty. 

  • Clinique Happy


    Image via Target

    What it said about you: When you were asked what you wanted to be when you got older, you always said, "Lawyer." But, really, what you wanted to say was, "Mom."

    Where you wore it: To babysit the Cunningham twins a few streets over. 

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  • The Body Shop White Musk


    Image via The Body Shop

    What it said about you: You were seriously sophisticated, and the people in your grade -- and the few ahead -- seemed far too childish for you. Even if you did bum cigs off them in the bathroom before Spanish. 

    Where you wore it: To your cousin's house, where you stayed every summer. Her friends were so much cooler than yours. 

  • Liz Claiborne Curve


    Image via Jet


    What it said about you: You were never not in a relationship, and each guy you dated was The One.  

    Where you wore it: To peruse the aisles of Claire's and eat soft pretzels with your BF at the mall. 

  • Versace Red Jeans


    Image via Overstock

    What it said about you: Although you loved #basic music like Britney Spears and the Spice Girls, you wanted nothing more than to be an edgy hairstylist in NYC when you got older. 

    Where you wore it: To sneak out with your friends after your parents went to bed. You guys only stood in the street, but the rush was enough.

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  • Gucci Rush


    Image via Overstock

    What it said about you: You weren't afraid to be high-maintenance. If you ran out of Salon Selectives shampoo or dark burgundy lip liner, there was going to be an issue. 

    Where you wore it: Everywhere. Subtlety's never been your strong suit. 

  • Drakkar Noir


    Image via Kohl's

    What it said about you: You were obsessed with your best friend's older brother. 

    Where you wore it: You didn't. You sprayed it on your pillow before bed and were transported to your future life as Mrs. Davidson.

  • Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl


    Image via Drugstore.com

    What it said about you: You took school -- and your future -- seriously. While some of your friends were sneaking beer, you were cramming for a possible pop quiz. 

    Where you wore it: To your job at TCBY. And, no, you didn't hook your friends up with free cones. 

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  • Vanilla Fields


    Image via Luxury Perfume

    What it said about you: You were approachable, fun, but everyone -- including your chem teacher -- knew not to mess with you. 

    Where you wore it: Driving by your crush's house with your bestie in her teal Celica. 

  • Love's Baby Soft


    Image via The Perfume Spot

    What it said about you: You were an original. Sure, your scent had been around for a while, but you made it you. Mercy to whoever tried to crib your style. 

    Where you wore it: To your boyfriend's soccer game, where the older girls always gave you the eye. 

  • Victoria's Secret Pear Glace


    Image via Sears

    What it said about you: Any fan of the Backstreet Boys was a friend of yours. 

    Where you wore it: To Ruby Tuesday with your friends ... where you'd all get salad bar and Sprites.  

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