Get Shattered Glass Nail Art in 4 Simple Steps (VIDEO)

shattered glass nailsThe shattered-glass nail trend is hot! I took one look and thought there was no way I could even attempt it myself -- this is a professionals-only job. But it's not! Sophia Choi of Elements of SNC has an easy tutorial on how to get the shattered-glass nail look, and you can do it, too.


What you need:

  • Any color base coat
  • A clear top coat
  • Toothpick
  • Iridescent tissue paper
  • Scissors to cut the paper


1. Get out the scissors. Cut the iridescent paper into little pieces -- to look like shards of glass.

2. Use a base coat. Paint your nails in whatever base coat you choose. It could be a dark color or light -- both give that shattered-glass look. Let dry.

3. Bust out the toothpick. Starting with one nail, put on a clear coat, then use the toothpick to add the pieces of iridescent paper all over nail. Continue to next nail.

4. Reach for that top coat. Finish off with another top coat to seal.

Check out Sophia's video tutorial for more details.

Love it!

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Here, some more enviable shattered-glass nail looks ...

Love the mixing up of colors:

You can cut your pieces a little more strategically to get this look:

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Delicate and yet "broken":

Now, off to find that iridescent paper!

Image via elementsofsnc/Instagram

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