How to Get the Perfect Party Hairstyle: The Stacked Topsy Tail Braid (PHOTOS)

We're always on the lookout for a pretty way to keep our hair out of our faces, not to mention the perfect look for every holiday party we've got coming up in the next couple of months! This Stacked Topsy Tail Braid is basically the answer to our hair prayers.


Melissa Cook, a contributor to, shares the tutorial and makes it look super easy, another key component to our dream look.

Cook references the lobster tail braid in regard to this look, but says that while it may appear similar, the technique is different. She explains:

This 'braid' is the perfect way to change up your typical French braid because it looks so intricate and detailed. The best part is that it isn't actually a braid at all! This style is made by creating a bunch of topsy tails stacked on top of one another. The final look is created by gently pulling everything loose to create voluminous, romantic twists that are perfect for any occasion.

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Here's how to get the look.

1. Start small.

Begin by separating off a small section of hair at the top of the back of the head. Tie it off with a clear elastic band.

2. Mind the gap.

Create a small gap right above the band, and flip the end of the ponytail up and through the gap.

3. Make it topsy.

Pull the tail back down, creating a topsy tail.

4. Keep it movin'.

Pick up two new sections of hair to the right and left of the first topsy tail. Tie these two sections together and create a second topsy tail directly beneath the first one.

5. Make it twice as nice.

Create two more topsy tails with the remaining hair along the sides of the head.

6. Keep separating.

Separate off two outside pieces from the remaining hair and tie it into a fifth topsy tail.

7. Get those topsy tails going.

Continue creating topsy tails using outside sections of the remaining hair, stacking them one below the next.

8. Spray in place.

After creating your last topsy tail, spray the style with hairspray and comb through the tail to remove any tangles.

9. Fill it out.

To create a fuller effect, gently pull on the edges of each individual twist until they become the size and shape you prefer.

10. Set it up.

Mist the style with a firm hold hairspray to finish and set it.

While it may look like a lot of steps, it's actually a lot of repetition in creating the topsy tails, and then giving the overall style a bit of a fluff at the end. Cheers to another style that just might make us all look more glam at school drop-off or a holiday soiree!


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