9 Terrifying Disney Princess Makeup Looks Perfect for Halloween (PHOTOS)

The Disney princesses are usually symbols of loveliness and innocence, and we love them for that. But since it's Halloween season, everything must be creepy. That means your plain braid and Elsa costume isn't going to cut it this year. Instead, we have the Internet's favorite makeup artists telling us how to creepify basic princess costumes ... and still look totally hot.


Of course, children under 10 are totally welcome to go the easy route, but moms with access to fake blood and eyeliner have so many better options.

Not sure where to start? We have some ideas:

Beauty and Beastly
It's like Two-Face, but Disney-fied -- and YouTuber Kat Sketch has the how-to. Her twisted take on a basic Beauty and the Beast costume is as creepy as it is hilarious, which makes it the perfect all-out Halloween costume.


Elsa Impaled
We're always told icicles are way more dangerous than they look, and Shonagh Scott's Elsa learned that the hard way. This frostbitten and frozen Elsa is part of Scott's "Happily Never After" series, and we can't get enough.

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Frozen Anna
More of an Anna fan? And ever wonder what Anna would have looked like if her sister's love never unfroze her? Makeup genius Kat Sketch figured it out, and created this eerie half-frozen Anna look -- plus a tutorial to help you do your own.


Zombie Jasmine
Sonjdra Deluxe's Princess Jasmine makeup tutorial has three parts -- the normal, the intense, and the creepy. They're all beautiful, but the creepy is our fave (duh).


Ariel's Missing Voice
What would a missing voice actually look like ... minus the Disney magic that makes it all look so easy? Ursula would have actually had to rip out Ariel's vocal cords, and makeup artist Shonagh Scott figured Ariel would look a little more sinister after that.

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Fire of the Dragons
Mushu is Mulan's best friend and a pretty great dragon, but Kat Sketch envisioned a Mulan who had a dragon as an enemy and some fire burns to prove it.


Poison Apple, Poison Face
We want to know what kind of poison apple Snow White had that kept her looking so beautiful ... but in the meantime, we'll take beauty blogger Maugenated's creepy, poisoned Snow White instead.

Shattered Glass Slipper
Even glass slippers can shatter into shards, and even Cinderella trips and falls every now and then. Maybe this Halloween, Cinderella's flight from the ball doesn't go so smoothly ... and Shonagh Scott can help you get the look.


Old Sleeping Beauty
Seriously -- what's scarier for a beautiful young princess than laugh lines and forehead wrinkles? Kat Sketch's Old Age Sleeping Beauty is pretty decrepit ... and we love every fake wrinkle.


Image via showmemakeup/Instagram; Kopytin Georgy/shutterstock

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