How to Get the Perfect Cat Eye in 4 Easy Steps

You can fudge a smoky eye by playing around with the blending and giving it a smudged effect, but a cat eye is so precise, so delicate, that it often becomes a makeup junkie's nemesis. It's a look that feels nearly impossible to conquer.


So let's all take a deep breath and learn how to create a cat eye that would make even Lauren Conrad jealous. Celebrity makeup artist Jennifer Bradley -- founder of her own skincare and cosmetics line -- explains why the look can be so troubling.

"I think the biggest mistake people make is by trying to attempt this without some kind of guideline before they apply a liquid or gel liner," she says.

1. Pencil it in.

Start your eye look by applying a soft black pencil, like Jennfer Bradley Best Waterproof Eyeliner, at the base of the lashes. Jennifer suggests making a thick line, but have it extend gradually upward toward the end of your brow line at the crease.

2. Trace your line.

Next, Jennifer suggests applying a black liquid or gel liner over the soft black pencil line you already have in place. This will make the look sleeker and bolder, but gives you that guideline we so desperately need.

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3. Make it smoky.

She advises using the eye shadow of your choice to create a smoky effect on the lids.

4. Swipe to finish.

Finish off the look with mascara or, for more drama, false lashes.


Image via laurenconrad/Instagram

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