Glamorous Moms and Daughters

Photo by Pna1Dra6on

Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Brooke Shields, Divamom6, HayleesHotMom, SeritaG, Pna1Dra6on...what do all these ladies have in common?


They are glamorous moms! There are a lot of you out there and it should be noted that being glam isn't just about putting on some lip gloss. It's sometimes even just in your quiet confidence. 

What got me thinking about glam moms and daughters was the blog, Sea of Shoes. Created by a 16-year-old fashionista named Jane, Sea of Shoes knocks my socks off. Jane has inspiration boards, is a wiz at putting together amazing outfit combinations, and often features her equally fabulous mom, who looks super chic in everything. I really like how this mother/daughter duo took a fashion addiction and turned it into something incredible.

Tell me about fashion and beauty rituals or activities you have with your daughter.

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