18 Cringeworthy Fashion Accessories From the '80s

18 Cringeworthy Fashion Accessories From the '80s

As a decade, the 1980s gave us a lot to be thankful for: the music of Michael Jackson and Madonna, and millennials like Mark Zuckerberg (born 1984) and Channing Tatum (born 1980) who've made our lives better with their technological inventions and really great abs. However, when it came to style, the '80s also gave us some of the worst accessories and trends ever invented. We're cringing just thinking about it. 

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Ah, the good ol' '80s. A simpler time when New Coke was all the rage, John Hughes movies were current, and Jordans were the only basketball player's sneaker on the market. The worst part of the '80s? Undeniably it was the fashion. This was a time when big hair, big jewelry, and bright colors were all the rage. And it was not always a flattering look. A walk down this memory land includes scrunchies, leg warmers, and shoulder pads -- that's right, shoulder pads. Which at one time we apparently thought made us look cool and not like a linebacker. Thank goodness times have changed and we no longer celebrate the broad shouldered garment. Read on to see some amazing '80s fashion accessories we wish we could forget. Which is the most cringey? 


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