Getting a Hair Tattoo Like Kylie Jenner Isn't Nearly as Nuts as It Sounds (VIDEO)

hair tattooA few weeks ago, I got bored with my hair and solved that problem by cutting off my own ponytail. I have some regret about that decision now that I've discovered that I could have tackled hair boredom by doing something way less drastic and permanent: hair tattoos!


Yes, hair tattoos are the next trend in hair accessories -- Kylie Jenner's even rocking them -- and believe me when I say you're going to be all about them, too.

The cool thing about hair tattoos is that they are a no-commitment way to play with adding some glam to your look. A good way to think about hair tattoos is that they are like makeup for your hair. According to makeup artist Lindsay Dukes of Lindsay Dukes Artistry, they are "super-fun and an easy and temporary way to express yourself!"

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Getting this look is easy -- no hairstylist required! Simply place the hair tattoo on straight hair, dab with a water-soaked cotton ball, and then pull the paper off -- just like putting a temporary tattoo on your body.

What's also fun about this trend is that it works for both adults and kids. How pretty is this?

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You can find hair tattoos from Scunci at Ulta, Walgreens, and Target. They cost about $5 a package, so you can totally rock this look on the cheap!

Here's a video for more how-to.


Image via scunci/Instagram

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