Last Minute Men's Gifts


Photo from Cuff-Daddy

I don't know about you, but it's not always easy for me to buy gifts for my husband. He likes a lot of things -- comics, video games, toast (yes...he loves toast) -- but which is the right game, the right comic, and um...toast?

Last year, my mom gave him cufflinks. No, he doesn't wear fancy shirts all the time, but I have to say he loved the gift. They were engraved with his initials and he could finally wear his French cuff shirt on special occasions. You can get cufflinks at major department stores. For a new dad, these Safety Pin Cufflinks ($33.99 from Cuff-Daddy) are perfect.


Photo from Cuff-Daddy

Cuff-Daddy (great name, right?) also has a ton of other designs -- from airplanes, to mini iPods, skiers to cowboy hats, and more. I really love these Dice ($33.99)...and I think my husband would, too.

Another great gift idea is a men's shaving set. You can buy these in stores like Target, Bath & Body, even drugstores. I really love this one from Burt's Bees. Men's Natural Grooming ($20) has all natural ingredients and comes with shave cream, aftershave, body wash, bar soap, lip balm, and a handy bag to pack it all away.

shaving kit

Photo from Burt's Bees

CafeMoms in The CafeMom Newcomers Group are talking about what they are getting their husbands for the holidays. There are a bunch of other great ideas -- gift certificates to local brewing shops, jerseys from a favorite sports team, power tools, wallets, a new Harley, and my favorite gift idea that came from rayna_82: "LOVE!"

Like the Beatles sang, "all you need is love" and this season when times are tough, a little bit of love goes a long way.

What are you getting the man in your life this season?

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