Pretty Pumpkin Spice Hair Color Trend Is Everything

No longer simply your autumnal order at Starbucks, pumpkin spice is now officially a hair color trend weaving in hints of gold into rich copper tones.



The look is a fun departure from some of the bolder hair colors we've seen of late, so if you've never been adventurous enough to participate in, say, the unicorn hair trend, pumpkin spice might be just the direction for you.

Jessica Gonzalez, colorist at Sally Hershberger Los Angeles, is loving this look right now, especially when done in a really organic-looking way. She tells The Stir:

My favorite version of this is one that looks the most natural for the person, like it could be their own. It's perfect for clients with fair or porcelain skin, especially since it can help the skin appear less pink.

If you're planning on going for it, Gonzalez recommends being very specific with your stylist about how copper or red you would like your strands. And definitely bring photos for inspo to make sure that everyone has the same endgame in mind.

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For her part, this is Gonzalez's protocol when giving her clients the pumpkin spice touch:

I use rich, crème copper colors with a touch of gold, like the PRAVANA ChromaSilk hair colors, for shiny, silky strands and long-lasting color. To maintain pumpkin spice color and help prevent fading, use a color-depositing conditioner like the NEVO Color Enhancer Treatment in Brilliant Copper. It helps to add shine, moisturize thirsty strands, and revive color at home while you wait for your next appointment.

Pumpkin spice in your strands and in your Starbucks? What a time to be alive!


Image via Jesstheebestcolor/Instagram

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