14 Life-Changing Undergarments Every Woman Should Know About (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Oct 29, 2015 Beauty & Style

undergarments shapewear solutionsLet's face it -- our undergarments can be our best friend or our very worst enemy. No one wants to be picking their wedgies or having bra straps showing when they aren't supposed to be seen. Thankfully there are some quite life-changing undergarments to solve all your underthings problems.

These solutions go beyond the wedgie (though we have that covered, too) -- from lifts to tucks to foot comfort and period undies, we've got answers to your wardrobe issues.


Images (clockwise) via shethinx.com; victoriassecret.com; halftee.com; aerie.com; target.com; bloomingdales.com; bandelettes.com

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